We will always be grateful that all of you took such a personal interest in Dad – from the chef, to the nurses, to the aides. Your innovation of having live-in care-takers meant that a relationship of trust could develop, and Dad didn’t have to give instructions over and over to a number of “strangers.”
assisted living of draper review and testimonial
We toured many places and walked away disappointed because they were not what we wanted for our mom.
We scheduled a visit to tour Assisted Living of Draper and immediately upon walking through the front doors, we felt at home in the residential setting. We walked into a big country kitchen and whatever Chef Don was cooking, we were ready to stay for lunch.

The home smelled clean with no odors and several residents were lounging in the big family room in the kitchen. Needless to say, we decided this was to be Mom’s new home.

Carol & Susan
We have appreciated every aide, every cook, every owner, every helper during our time here. Please know we love you all and are so grateful for the service you have given our mom.
I could go on and on, but I’m just mentioning the sweet and compassionate service that I’ve seen in only a day. What a blessing to have Mom in such a home that showers her with love.
assisted living of draper reviews - karen hall testimonial letter

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