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Are you considering Assisted Living?

If you are considering assisted living in Draper, Utah for yourself or a loved-one, there are a lot of things to consider.

  • Does the assisted living facility provide good service and care?
  • Does it make you feel at home?
  • How do the staff treat the residents?
  • Is the facility clean and accessible?

The answer to these questions is Assisted Living of Draper. What set’s us apart? Assisted living of Draper provides the best housing, service and care facilities.

What about care?

Assisted Living of Draper genuinely cares about each and every resident. We are a family-friendly facility and accommodate recommendations.

We have trained CNA’s on staff 24/7, a resident RN and a Master Chef available to all of our residents.

Assisted Living of Draper has a unique program called “Resident Story Telling”. A staff member listens to past life stories that are told by the resident then records them into a memory book each week. We strive to be connected to both the resident and their family.

Can assisted living be fun?

Assisted Living of Draper takes pride in providing excellent housing and personal care to our residents. Assisted Living of Draper will cater to each individual depending on the amount of care needed. At Assisted Living of Draper, we provide our residents with supervision, 24/7 personal care, hot home-cooked meals and plenty of entertainment. You can view the monthly calendar to see which activities and events are coming up.

There are fun activities everyday at Assisted Living of Draper including dining out, shopping, games and exercise! You will love how much fun you can have in assisted living.

Is it a dream come true?

How would you like to live in your own luxury residence? At Assisted Living of Draper, each resident has their own private suite. A suite that feels like home. You will have all the comforts of a house plus the assistance and care that you need.

Assisted Living of Draper has suites for each resident that include a private living space for you to feel independent and comfortable while still maintaining an affordable price.