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Cost of Lapsing Life Insurance: How Seniors Are Losing Money

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For anyone making tough decisions about financing Assisted Living, this is a must-see video from our friends at The Residential Assisted Living Academy.  It is a little known fact that 85% of life insurance policies in our country lapse, and that seniors who have been paying diligently into their policy have no idea they can [...]

Choosing the Right Assisted Living Home

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Join us for a short segment on Choosing the Right Assisted Living Home.  For more information and resources, please go to  For more on choosing assisted living see Assisted Loving.

Chef Cheryl’s Thai Mango Sticky Rice

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In case you missed the live video stream of our Chef Cheryl Schaefer demonstrating last night's dessert, check out the actual recipe below.  Thai Mango Sticky Rice is a favorite in our home.  It's a nice, sweet, refreshing spring time dessert the residents love, and is easy to make for your own family. The house smelled [...]

5 Ways to Pay for Assisted Living: Make Your Money Last

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If the time comes when you can no longer manage daily living in your own home or with family members, an assisted living facility could be the next best thing.  But, many people who are in need of assisted living, nursing home care, or in-home care, put off looking for care for fear of how [...]

How Assisted Living Can Reduce Hospital Re-Admission

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It's difficult to be hospitalized, especially for an elderly loved one.  If someone in your life is hospitalized and expected to be discharged soon, you'll want to understand how to reduce their chances of being readmitted.  Being re-admitted can be devastating to a family, but quality Assisted Living can help minimize that risk.  Here are [...]