Professional Caregivers Strengthen Family Health

//Professional Caregivers Strengthen Family Health

Professional Caregivers Strengthen Family Health

Professional Care Enriches Family Health

It’s stressful caring for an elderly parent.  Personal sacrifices of adult children can leave you feeling robbed of time, money, and experiences of your own.  These feelings can create bitterness and resentment towards the very people you love and want to help.  The number of people taking care of an aging parent has soared in the last 20 years.  This number is expected to grow exponentially as the large Baby Boomer generation require more care.  Professional caregivers like those at Assisted Living of Draper are here to help ease these burdens.

There are things adult children should consider when determining care for an aging parent.  Taking time off work to care for a loved one represents a loss in income, and can also damage your own retirement savings. Making up that time years later might prove difficult if your job skills have waned.  In addition, you may be losing valuable company benefits like health insurance and life insurance.

First, understand the costs of keeping your parent in their home.  These links may be helpful in certain decisions you need to make for your loved one: MetLife Aging in Place Workbook and 2016 Genworth Cost of Care.

Professional caregivers like those at Assisted Living of Draper can help families navigate these uncertain times.  Professionals provide safe and healthy care to give the whole extended family peace of mind.  Caregivers act as a central point of contact for the whole family, and offer unbiased advice on the health and well-being of your loved one.

A caregiver can prevent the arguments that usually occur between family members over care.  In turn, strengthening overall family health.  Instead of focusing on which family member is providing the care, and if they are doing it adequately, the family can instead rest assured.  Trusted professional hands allow the family to enjoy quality time with one another.

Be patient with yourself and your loved one as you navigate changes that come with aging.  At Assisted Living of Draper we are happy to give you advice and answers to your questions so you know you’re not alone on this journey.

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